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About Teck:
I’m a avid member of WordPress I enjoy helping others in the WP.com forums when I’m not writing articles for my “Teck~Line” blog or helping out in the forums. Then I’m enjoying my time on the Xbox 360 (Avid gamer) or spending quality time with my wife Belle.


Blog: “The WYSIWYG* Blog

About Jennifer:
I really enjoy helping out in the WordPress.COM forums. But then, I’m from Minnesota so it’s a compulsion. I also help total strangers in the supermarket find the cottage cheese. Lost your car in the parking lot? I’m your “man” so to speak. In my RL job I herd 20′ and 40′ cats. After a day of wrangling cats, for relaxation I take photos, knit and create vector graphics. Sometimes they’re even worth looking at.


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About sulz:

sulz is that cheery bimbo who likes to help out at the forums but often finds herself unable to do so due to said bimboness. Thankfully, bimboness is not a crime at the WordPress.com forums, as long as you’re smart about it. It also helps when your colourful, lippy avatar is considered one of the best-looking avatars by a staff. Helps in not being considered a crime for being bimbotic, that is. Does not help in curing bimboness. Okay, she’ll stop using the word lest you catch it. Stupidity can be infectious – we volunteers ought to know.


Blog: “Finding the Light in the Darkness

About katm:

katm is a geek wanna be  She is an English teacher in South Korea.  She has multiple blogs that she tries to keep up with, but inevitably one or more of them get shoved on the back burner when life gets too hectic.  She’s currently attempting to learn Korea (for the 7th time now), but using a book instead of the internet.  She is overly addicted to Facebook, especially the (fluff)Friends app. She has been blogging at wp.com for almost 2 years now and is extremely happy she picked it as her host.  Someday, she would like to go self-hosted (as she finally understands Linux), but is lacking in motivation as well as knowledge of PHP, MySQL and CSS.  She also talks too much (if you haven’t noticed).  She also likes parentheses (if you haven’t noticed).  She is also spelling challenged and is thankful for spell check.


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