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Posted on: December 1, 2009

I hate my baby as his father is a rapist

  1. I am Gladys an orphan with an 8 months old baby i am desperately giving him for adoption and this is a sad experience as i never thought it will ever come my way.I am of age 19 and i lost my both parents at the age of 11 and was taken into the house of my uncle where i was consoled just for a couple of months and later on i started feeling the pains of the world today.My uncle was put in charge of all my Dad’s property and i thought i had every right to be educated but instead i was turned into a Nani in my own Dad’s house since as my uncle moved in with his wife and my cousins his children.They all went to school while i stayed at home to cook and i was promised to i was going to do a trade so as to be able to manage my father’s businesses when i come of age,and as childish as i was,i thought it was the best for me and accepted but i was never even given the opportunity to learn the trade and my uncles wife pretended to like me but when my uncle was not around she will beat me up for not carrying out any chore she assigned me to do like wash clothes,take care of her baby,clean the house trim flowers,cook for the entire house and baby etc…

    I became use to all these before i was 16 years of age but could not bare it when i began to be mature and menstruate.When i told my uncle about this,he will want to see me bleed and innocently trying to show him,he will try to force himself on me to sleep with me and on different several occasions,he will do this to no avail and so i had to escape.I tried getting jobs at several places to make end meet but most owners of such places will only want me to sleep with them or the clients there so they could be payed and us me like a whore.I really miss my parents at this point in time which is the more reason i have come to seek for advice on the worst part of my life as i was raped in an uncompleted building where i will pass my nights due to hardship by 4 boys and they got me pregnant without my knowledge but i realized for some time i was unable to see my period and began frequent vomiting and fever,i consulted hiddenly without letting my boss know about it and i was given a positive pregnancy result.I became more confused and tried working with the pregnancy while i keep some money for an abortion but i was already 6 months pregnant and my boss discovered i was pregnant when she saw the results of the test i made in my uniform.This earned me a sack and i tried to plead and explain my life to her but she will not hear me out.I gave birth to a baby boy and the troma of how to look after him left me with no option but killing him as i tried running from the hospital as i had no money for bills but could not succeed.I was made to work at the hospital to cover up my bills and for 8 months now i have been leaving by the grace of God as i have no job and no money to look after this child and it forsakes me to think that he has no father.All i could think of right now is ending my life here if i do not have some advice for anyone reading my experiences or willing to help as i intend giving him out far away to a family who will be able to take care of him for adoption or i will either kill him of kill myself any time i feel like.Please if you could help me out with advice or if you are ready to adopt him,i will be happy to give him out to someone far away i could hardly think off.If his father stumbles on this,i wish to say may God reward you in your own coins.Please email me on gladysrunaway@yahoo.co.uk

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  3. I’m afraid the unwed mother baby spam plugin is not supported at WordPress.com. You will need to be over at http://www.latfh.com/ for that.

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