Posted on: October 21, 2009

cumbersomness in the extreme. bye bye RSS

  1. if I ask a question, for instance, “What is RSS?” I can expect a complicated answer hedging around and about the specific topic I am troubled with, avoiding the ‘meat’ of what I said. so i’ll repeat it. What is RSS? Personally, I don’t care anymore. I just want it OFF my site. It looks bad for me to have things on my site that don’t work, that I don’t understand and probably wouldn’t use anyway. SO, I just want to get rid of it. But your wordpress setup or site or page or whatever you call it, I don’t care anymore, is SO difficult to use (I’m offended) that I don’t want to use it anymore! Unfortunately, I’m stuck with it for a while longer. Therefore, I’ll look for a better group. However, I can see that it is going to be SO difficult to even erase my information that I may not be able to shut down this operation called robbrichard’s blogspot blog and you may be stuck with me forever! Now be nice to me and I’ll stay. There are things about your site that I like and there is something good about blogspot: I sense there are some pretty good people behind this EXTREMEMLY user UNfriendly operation. Tell me: is the language I’m using okay for you? I use HUMAN language, this particular HUMAN language that I use is English. What is it YOU people use??? Now be nice! kiss. kiss. and tell me how to get rid of this RSS function that I’ve made the mistake of trying to use and failed and . . . off, I just want it off. thanks.

    Robert Richard Houle
    Mechancial Engineering Technologist
    CGSB level II Radiographer
    CWB level I Weld Inspector
    (I just put these in so that if you even think about talking to me like I’m stupid I’ll be forced grind you and up and make a pie out of you. lol)

  2. 1. When you ask a question here, we need a link to the blog so we can see if and what is wrong.

    2. Ranting like that hardly fits your supposed credentials.

    3. Ranting like that is unjustified, since you haven’t asked about this (or any other matter) before in this forum.

    4. The RSS in your sidebar isn’t for you to use: it’s for others interested in what you post. Here the relevant support info page:


    (Looks like English to me.)

    5. If you don’t want to have the RSS in your sidebar, you can go to Appearance>Widgets and activate only whatever you’d like to have.

    6. If you wish to “shut down this operation called robbrichard’s blogspot blog”, we don’t care.

    (If you wish to shut down your wordpress blog, we don’t care either.)

  3. panaghiotisadam


  4. If the blog in question is robbrichards.wordpress.com, the reason why the RSS widget is not going away is that you have not added any widgets to that sidebar, but are still using the default widgets, which appear automatically unless the user selects some of his/her own. Simply add the desired widgets to “Sidebar 2” and everything will be fine.

  5. Hi Ron! (Robb’s post gotta be the gem of the day…)

  6. What is RSS?

    This works for the BBC which has a global audience

    Video. It works.

    And I’ll remind you that forums work just like real life – be polite or accept everything that comes your way.

  7. No, no, perish the thought! Us? Think you stupid?

2 Responses to "HUMANS ONLY!!!!1!!"

ah, you make me miss the forum.

lmao, Pano’s comment is classic and that site you post later, justgoogleit site, bookmarked, it’s a classic link to post what I want to be a jerk (on purpose) lol

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