ZOMG it’s atheist vs atheist in a battle to oblivion

Posted on: October 3, 2009

Harassment Proof struckbyenlightning.wordpress.com

  1. struckbyenlightning needs to have their account deleted for harassing me from RichardDawkins.net forums. This is a conversation between her and another member who have been sending me hate messages–they are actually putting it out there that I don’t moderate so I’m an easy target.
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    by VictorTheSixth » Fri Oct 02, 2009 7:26 am

    ^Blog of Creationist^

    It’s amazing what someone can do with the net if they have a bit of time on their hands. I’m not at all saying that people should go to this Creationist’s blog, point out her idiocies, and trash it. I’m just mildly hinting that she doesn’t have her comment sections Moderated .VictorTheSixth
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    by LinzeeBinzee » Fri Oct 02, 2009 7:53 am

    VictorTheSixth wrote:
    Seems she decided to leave… were I a crueler man, I’d suggest that we track down her blog

    Haha, not just yet…she just posted something new. She quoted her husband who said “If you touch shit, you get shit on you”…and then went on to scold someone else for posting a rude comment on her blog. Hilarious! I urged her to continue the conversation though because so far it’s been fun!http://struckbyenlightning.wordpress.com/
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    by thoughtseeker » Fri Oct 02, 2009 1:02 pm

    Hi, you are both in violation of this site’s code, and you are harassing the owner of Poet Verse. Take down the link and cease commenting on my blog or I will take legal action against this forum as well as you-I have your IP addresses.


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  2. Um, they’re not in violation of anything. You can’t take legal action against someone because they disagree with you and you don’t like that. I kind of doubt you have their IP addresses, like it matters anyway.

    So, yeah. You can’t control what people say just because you don’t like it. I see no harassment here at all.

  3. Done a little more looking…

    So, someone linked to your blog and asked their fellow members to go comment on it. I read somewhere that you’re a lawyer–I hope not. Basic things like harassment shouldn’t need explained to you.

  4. Actually, conspiring to inundate my blog with hate messages is harassment. And yes, I am well studied in law and know what rights I have.

  5. I noticed you are an atheist. Being an atheist is fine, and I don’t care what you are–or what you say–but no one has a right to send people to my blog to send me hate mail…which I have saved.

  6. What you perceive as hate mail and what someone else perceives as hate mail can be very different. I’d like to see some of these hate messages, from my own investigation, I haven’t found anything particularly offensive.

    And sorry, but it’s perfectly okay to link to a blog and tell people to go to it. Even if I tell people to go refute what’s being said. If there is something purely hateful or threatening, I will reverse my opinion, but from what I can see, that’s very unlikely.

  7. It should be noted that poetverse engaged struckbyenlightning at the latters blog, basically spewing a bunch of nonsense and rude comments. Sruckbyenlightning, a member of RD.net, posted on that forum, asking what to do about poetverse, and how to engage her in a debate, with poetverse apparently not being very well versed in logical thinking. A couple of RD.net members commented on struckbyenlightning’s blog, debunking poetverse’s nonsense, and poetverse got vile.

    A couple of people took it upon themselves to let poetverse know that she can’t behave however she pleases, and commented on her blog. Poetverse immediately started censoring her comments section, claiming harassment, and subsequently threatened legal action towards RD.net.

    In my opinion, poetverse is a highly emotionally disturbed person, apparently unable to see the hypocrisy in her behavior. She’s not to be taken seriously.

  8. Umm I didn’t ask anyone to post on your blog, I didn’t even ask them to post on my blog! How ridiculous!

  9. @poetverse,

    Surely you’ve figured out by now that you can easily set your comments to moderation. Just go into your dashboard and set the discussion settings so that anyone who has already comment can comment without moderation. All others get modded first.

    And for those you don’t want to comment at all, you can block them by name, by IP address, by URL, the works. Just set it up and you’re fine.

  10. Actions by people on third-party sites, like the Dawkins one, don’t generally have any legal ramifications on WordPress.com.

  11. Actually, I saved all of the messages and I have put up moderation and now have Ips blocked, but my point is that my blog was targeted as a place to spew hate…and no…the comments were not disagreements…I was called names, insulted….

    You do have the right to free speech, but no–you don’t have the right to promote my blog to your friends as a place to send hate mail–that is harassment.

    Acutally, raincoaster, you are wrong. If a wordpress.com user posts my wordpress.com link on another site and, with friends, conspires that I should have my blog inundated with hate mail because it doesn’t look like I am moderated–that falls under harassment.

    And by the way, I went to her blog not because of an atheist post–it was a post about how she saw a movie and lost her faith–it was only later that I learned that it was an atheist pit. You see…plenty of atheists put posts under tags that are misleading so you don’t know you are on a devout atheist’s blog–that is her fault for using incorrect tags.

  12. I didn’t tell anyone to go to your blog.

    What kind of hateful comments did you get? Did any of them come from me? I don’t remember saying anything hateful to you so I don’t see how you can be justified in saying my blog should be taken down.

    How was I using tags incorrectly?

    Also, in the post that you commented on I said that I’m an atheist so I don’t know why you thought you weren’t commenting on an atheist blog.

    btw there’s no such thing as a devout atheist. There is no dogma of atheism, so nothing to be devoted to. It’s simply the absence of belief in gods.

  13. If you think you’re being harassed, why aren’t you talking to a lawyer? Posting comments on third-party sites, even nasty, name-calling ones that encourage people to spam your blog, isn’t against the terms of service here; they relate only to actions here.

  14. Ladies (I’m guessing here) have you considered taking your little drama to your own blogs? Flamewars are awesome for hits; why throw them away on the forum?

    And at this point not even GOD cares whether you’re atheists or not, really: it’s not a WordPress.com issue.

  15. pornstarbabylon
    Oct 2, 2009, 7:31 AM

    Unless they post personal information like name and address, then let the comments go through and make new posts out of them. I was banned from a forum once, well many times, and I blogged about it. Many of them came to my blog and left angry comments and it was just an all out war. It lasted for weeks. One of my haters sent in an angry letter to a very popular site and he ran it. I sent in my reply. I post it all my blog. They comment again and it’s a war again. Fabulous for traffic. Raincoaster ^^ had the entire country of Albania hating her on her blog one time!

  16. Uh, this poetverse broad’s NAME links to her blog. I, for one, took it upon myself to return the bilious textual vomit she was constantly dropping on struckbyenlightening’s blog. It’s a ludicrous assertion that Linzee ordered people to inundate poetverse’s blog with hate mail. I just did it because she’s a hypocritical twat who cries foul when her own vitriolic hatred is thrown back at her. No one told me to do it.
    As for flame wars, I’m all for that. I love me some flaming. Maybe I’ll get hits on MY blog (that sucks more than catholic priest). I’m not even sure I’ve posted an entry. I should… for the whole overflow of the flamage. I need a pee.

  17. “Ladies (I’m guessing here) have you considered taking your little drama to your own blogs? Flamewars are awesome for hits; why throw them away on the forum?”

    I’d rather get hits because people are interested in what I have
    to say.

    Besides, she won’t even let me comment on her blog…here’s what I posted there and it was deleted:

    “This is clearly in response to the discussion we were having on my blog as you posted the same thing in the comments over there, so hopefully you’re ok with me responding here.

    You’re complaining that there are hateful blogs out there that say things that you find hurtful, and then you call my blog shit. Is that not hurtful or mean-spirited?

    I’m an atheist and I discuss my lack of beliefs on my blog, and I don’t understand how that can be seen as hateful. If I did say something that was hateful or that insulted you personally then I would appreciate if you could point that out so that I can apologize. I always try my best to criticize only the arguments, and not the person making them, so I’m sorry if I said something to insult you directly.

    I said it over there and I’ll say it again here, I thought we were having a good back-and-forth, and I would very much like to continue it.

    Thanks for letting me comment, hopefully we can continue our discussion either here or back on my blog.”

    Carolina – what about that offended you so much that you didn’t want other people to see it??? Sure seems like you can’t take criticism but you have no problem dishing it out.

  18. What does atheist have to with it?
    I read a bit of what you have said and i all i see is bam, aka bitch and moan.

    I don’t mean to be brutal, but shut up, get a real ride and find a real problem to bam about

  19. Just a note–I don’t know of anyone that tags all their posts by the topic of their blog.

  20. Oops.

    It’s not misleading to not tag your blog by what it’s about. I see you don’t tag all your posts by Catholicism or Creationism, you misleading devil worshiper.

  21. 45flight, I don’t CARE if you’re a fundie or a godless heathen, I love you.

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