You SURE you went to college?

Posted on: March 2, 2009

How can I stop people from making a new post? (23 posts)

  1. How can I stop people from making a new post? I don’t want anyone to make a post. I just want them to comment only. I want to reserve new posts for me only. Thanks.

    College Mom

  2. Please stop posting the same question more than once.

  3. Get a life, ellaella. This is my first time on here. Don’t you know what mistakes are? Your too wound up. Loosen up and enjoy life more.

    God bless

  4. Now THAT was completely uncalled for. Have an enema and a happy day 🙂

  5. Thank you, rain.

    And you’re welcome, collegemom.

  6. I think Raincoaster was saying that you were completely uncalled for in whish she is right. Chill out.

  7. No, raincoaster was saying that your throwing attitude around is not acceptable, even if it’s covered in rainbow stickers and wrapped in a bow covered in My Little Ponys.

    If you want the volunteers in the forum to help you, you have to stop reading emotion into posts that contain only instruction. If you want insult, well, you insult someone. And then you may find that, having lowered the bar, you are no longer comfortable with the bar set that low.

  8. She was the one throwing the attitude around. She didn’t have to say anything at all about my mulitble posts. She did not word it in a helpful instructional manner. I am new to this and mistakes happen. I was shocked she even made the comment. I would never had told someone that. Sorry about the confusion. I just may never get on here again. People are too sensitive. 🙂

  9. http://en.forums.wordpress.com/profile/collegemom2

    Don’t be shocked when people correct you for making mistakes. Correcting people is one thing; it’s what we do in a technical help forum. Blaming them is another, and that’s what you did. It has no place here.

  10. Can someone give me instructional comments on the question I am asking? I really need help. Thanks.

  11. Yes, follow the link ella posted to her response to your post in one of your other threads.

  12. I feel attacked for just making a mistake. Gosh, I hope others aren’t attached when they make a mistake. I am moving on and forgetting this whole question.

    Sorry to everyone else who had to read all these comments that had nothing to do with my questions.

  13. I saw that. Ella’s response is the right answer. collegemom2 seems to be so wound up that she forgot to go read what ella said.

  14. I cross-linked them all, tess, to save people the time of answering twice. Thrice.

  15. collegemom2 is going back to the other threads to leave an additional “get a life” comment. I will make no comment on that.

  16. She still hasn’t said thank you on any of her duplicate threads. Good thing I’m not sensitive…

  17. Thank you. 🙂

  18. If you look at the way the blog is structured:


    You’ll see that she’s set it up so that she wants to charge people for the right to comment on her blog. Going back to ella’s point, there seems to be some confusion there about the different roles on WordPress.com blogs, and a review is in order. We can, as David B Dale pointed out on yet another of these threads, all go to her blog and comment, without paying her $5 membership fee.

  19. Is that kosher, charging to comment on a .com blog?

  20. Is pay pal kosher?

  21. OIC. She wants to charge people to sell stuff using her blog to sell it. Alrighty then.

5 Responses to "You SURE you went to college?"

Heh. See what i did there?

Wow priceless Raincoaster, Strikes again 8)
I Guess some people will never learn to abide by
the forum format and keep their emotions at the
door. 😆

Thanks for taking time to post this friendly and nice comment on my blog.

“You SURE you went to college?”

God bless.

I didn’t actually leave that comment at all. If you did, trying to shit disturb, you’ll find that it won’t get you far.


Kiss kiss!

gah i missed this!

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