Dashboard 2.7

Posted on: December 7, 2008

What’s your take on it? Personally, I like it even though I haven’t got quite used to it yet.

Really don’t understand bloggers who resist changes like this. They said the previous dashboard sucked, and now they say the same of this and want the previous dashboard back. I suppose this will be the case every time WordPress upgrades the dashboard. *shrugs*

10 Responses to "Dashboard 2.7"

I like it allot especially the gray background the previouse
dashboard hurt my eyes with that ugly orange bar that
had the write new post & page on it.

I suppose this will be the case every time WordPress upgrades the dashboard.

I see it as that people are going to complain simply
because they can’t handle changes.

I totally love the new dashboard. I remember all the whining and gnashing of teeth the last time they changed it. Everyone got used to it. Everyone will get used to this one.

Absolutely love it. It astonished me to read in the forums that people had no idea it was coming. How did they miss the multiple Big Yellow Announcements on their Dashboards?

BTW-Matt said somewhere that this version is the basis for the next 5 years growth. There will be people complaining then too. 😉

Also astonished – above all with someone’s verdict that the old dashboard was “easier”, and someone else’s that 2.7 “sucks”, half an hour after it was implemented. And I would have never imagined that people would complain over a customizable dashboard!

What I like most is being able to get rid of items I don’t need, rearrange things the way that suits me best, and collapse sections or modules I don’t use often. Second, I find the new hierarchy more logical than the old one (Posts, Pages etc. instead of Write, Manage etc.), and the new navigation offers more top-level tabs than before. There’s also some batch editing available now.

So, contrary to some complaints, I think the new dashboard involves fewer clicks and less scrolling.

There’s a thing or two I don’t agree with, but that’s solely from the despairing forum volunteer’s point of view: there was no need to remove the damn “visit site” button, nor change the uploader default settings again. Burying the misused sticky option, on the other hand, was quite a wise move.

PS Sorry if this blog is between you and I’m intruding. (I won’t mind at all if you answer yes.)

teck: yeah. it’s just my pet peeve that they’ve barely given the new db a chance and are dissing it already!

katm: yup, and like teck said, when wp.com roll out the latest db in future, they’ll be whining again. 😆

jennifer: just like how they miss the stickies in the forums before posting. 😉

Παναγιώτης Αδάμ: reminds me when facebook unveiled their new look too, and people hated it! me being one of them. 😀 i’ve gotten used to it now, though.

yeah, i like that i can get almost anywhere in my dashboard in one click and i get to choose what i want to see in there. the ‘visit site’ button was still there, actually, just that you had to click on your blog’s name in db to view it, which is probably not so instinctive since previously it had the obviously ‘visit site’ link.

anyway, i welcome your perspective! this blog is not private, so anyone is welcome in my opinion. 🙂

@pana-feel free. 🙂

@sulz-I still hate the “new” facebook. Can’t find a thing.

I, also, hate the new facebook. They don’t let you trawl your friends’s events! What’s the point of being on Facebook, then?

But I like this new WP dashboard. I especially like the Quick Post feature, because I’m lazy. It’ll take a bit of getting used to, like all customizable things, but it’s such an obvious improvement.

So whatt I like the most is the ability to reply to comments
in the dashboard. I wish there was a option to expand the
comments in the dashboard so we can read the full comment
instead having to read it from the blog point of view.

haha, i can’t remember what about the old facebook that i liked so much! except the faster loads. 😀

teck: oh yeah, i like that too. i wish we could quick edit comments in dashboard itself and see them in full, like you added.

This is in response to my last comment

I wish there was a option to expand the
comments in the dashboard so we can read the full comment
instead having to read it from the blog point of view.

If you click the comment icon you can read the full comment from the dashboard. I feel like a idiot now. So I Thought I would
clarify things from my last comment.

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