Unashamedly Spam

Posted on: November 19, 2008

This blog’s very first spam:

NodeUndelsNet | babader@mymail-in.net | IP:

to: Admin – If You want to delete your site from my spam list, please sent url of your domain to my e-mail: stop.spam.today@gmail.com
And I will remove your site from my base within 24 hours

Geez, we have to unsubscribe ourselves from something we never subscribed to in the first place…

7 Responses to "Unashamedly Spam"

Gosh! It gives me such a warm, fuzzy feeling, like mold on 7-day-old bread.

This happens all the time , they spam you and then ask u to unsubscribe when u didn’t even “opt in ” in the first place … just got so sick of all these I signed up for a human assisted spam filter .. Just 9 bucks a month .. 🙂 You may wanna consider it , cost effective unlike the really expensive ones out there . the webby is http://www.antispam.com.sg

jennifer: haha, eggs and spam make a good meal in the olden days. now spam is for the akismet munster!

is this jest kong a spam too??

Jest Kong? Sure looks like it. (Oh, the irony!) Mebbe remove the link?

Wow never seen a spammer leave that kind of message
before. 😆

Go ahead and click on that link, I dare ya…I double dare ya. 😉

I clicked it 2 days ago nothing happen.
But I don’t recommend clicking the link
will using IE, with all of there known
security holes in there browser. 😉

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