Posted on: October 30, 2008

But… But… But…  I didn’t do anything to get kicked out of the global tag pages.

Don’t ya just love Club Penguin Drama?

11 Responses to "Whaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Yeah, but compared to the Bad Old Days this is minor. I love when they pitch a fit and then tell me I’m rude. Obviously their parents never defined fit-pitching and public disobedience as rude.

Wow a pretty straight forward reply with you’ll need to talk to the automattic lawyers for a response > tellyworth’s reply < Source

Yeah, I heard something about chewy along those lines before. And I betcha Matt can afford MUCH better lawyers than they can.

lol, love it when wp.com hits back. you know they’d only do it when they have ice-cold evidence!

You know, a while back, my blog was hacked. Not literally hacked, but I had admins, so it was my fault. I accused Mohd222, Chewy, and Wwe Adam for hacking my blog.

You want to know who messed up my blog? My admin Jc4x4 did.

Mohd & Chewy cant hack, and I know they cant, nor can Adam.

You need to stop making those excuses Telly, because its just not right.

i don’t speak penguin, so i suppose that’s why this excerpt sounds contradicting to me!

Heck! I go away for one day and again miss all the fun! And it’s not even the weekend yet!

Imagine what this weekend will bring with it being Halloween and all…

Could it possibly bring an enema for all CP members? is that too much to ask?

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