This is the sound of one hand clapping

Posted on: October 21, 2008


(PS I just changed the Timezone in Settings to UTC since we’re from all over. Hope that’s OK.)

7 Responses to "This is the sound of one hand clapping"

That’s fine that’s why we’re all admins because we live
in different time zones so we don’t have to wait for
a admin to change something that is needed to be changed.

Well, you know how it is. One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor. 🙂


LOL. I just told him he was screaming like a 4 year old.

And damn it, I KNOW how 4 year olds scream. I have 25 of them every day in a long narrow room. To top it off, they speak about 5 words of English, and I speak about the same amount of Korean.

it’s better that way, isn’t it kat? you won’t know what they’re grumbling about you and they won’t know when you’re cursing. :mrgreen:

as for ms/mr tantrum, i hope s/he will respond… *rubs hands* i mean, we volunteers would want all issues faced by users to be solved, yes?

Only if there not going to be rude about there situation. 😐

And following Tellyworth’s very polite reply to Mr. Loomis, … silencio, silencio.

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