I Couldn’t Resist

Posted on: October 20, 2008

First up, hello everybody! Second, thank you to Teck for inviting me to this blog! Third, now you have to suffer through my link-dropping, muahaha. 😀

The WordPress.com Quizzes I created (content-wise), if you didn’t already know! I think an update is in order, huh?

My take on the new Dashboard

The infamous ‘purging’ at WordPress.com previously

sulz is not all sugar and spice, you know

The first ousting before the ‘purging’

The post I whipped up which became the rules at the forums! 🙂

Okay, link-dropping over! Givvus some hit love, babeh.

3 Responses to "I Couldn’t Resist"

Ah, such is life in the forums. :-p But I find the idea of you of all people having a hissy fit almost the stuff of legends. 😉

You’re welcome! Sulz,

jennifer: oh, i have a temper for sure. the forums help me to mellow somewhat. 😆

teck: 🙂

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