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My host is holding my files hostage

  1. I have a blog hosted on someone’s WordPress site, and due to a personal conflict having nothing to do with the blog, they have chosen to make my files unavailable to me. The files have nothing to do with them. However I do not have access to the files now.

    We had a conflict over a financial situation, and they are bringing my blog into the situation by demanding me to do something they want. The files don’t do them any good. It’s just a matter of telling me that if I don’t do something specific, they won’t release my file.

    These files are the culmination of three years’ research which I am using to write a book. All my information for that book is in these blog posts (unpublished, of course). Is there any way I can request WordPress to force the host to release my files to me?

  2. I don’t have access to their usernames or passwords to try to go in and get my files out.

  3. What is the URL of the site that is “holding your files hostage.”

  4. gracethegamer.com

  5. I don’t want any action taken against her. I just want my files.

  6. My blog is worrellsworld.gracethegamer.com

  7. If I could just get the files for worrellsworld.gracethegamer.com moved over here, that would be fine too. I can give you my username and password for logging in at worrellsworld if I have to verify that info.

  8. If these “files” are not visible to the public, there isn’t any way we can go extract them. Breaking into someone else’s computer is a criminal offense.

    As for forcing them to release the files, that’s something you will need to do, even if it goes all the way to court. This is one of those cases (and there are constantly way too many of them) where people should take personal responsibility to keep copies (more than one) of their own files. For example I regularly download the XML file of my blog here at WP.com.

  9. ah ok

  10. A bit of Google search work and it Looks like a plain old domestic dispute

  11. Bad news. That is not a WordPress.COM blog but a WordPress.ORG blog and we won’t be able to help you with that. This is one reason all authors should have backups of their blogs.

    Google MAY have a cached version of your blog posts. That’s all I can suggest.

  12. even if they are unpublished?

  13. I want to delete this topic

  14. You can’t. It remains here for the benefit of other people who may be in similar situations.

    If the blog posts were published, it’s likely that Google has a cached version. If they were private, you’re probably out of luck unless you can settle with her.

  15. If they were never visible to the public in any way, Google would not see them. OTOH, if some obscure link let to them in a way that humans would have not see, Google could follow that and find them.

    The forum thread cannot be deleted except maybe by special staff action, but I doubt they do that.

  16. At least you have a new blog, now. Publish what you want as long as it is within the limits of the ToS.

We're SO done here

We're SO done here


Sooo, what’s new with you?





  4. Spamming the support forum is considered bad Karma

  5. @ raincoaster, u dnt need insulting me cos i wrote in all caps,wat i intend is ideas that could help my people in Africa,if u dnt have anything useful to say then u need not write or post a thing.frankly,wat u did was a show of your bad manners,pls go off.
    @ auxclass,im new on wordpress and i am surprised by the spam tag to.i would try make an adjust from the settings. 10ks anyway,would b glad if u support my topic with ideas.10ks

  6. I applaud your efforts, but this is a technical support forum for those hosted here at wordpress,com, not a general discussion forum, and posting things like this in the main support forums can get you banned. Things like this should be posted in the off-topic forum.

    Just for future, on the internet, writing in all caps is considered shouting or yelling.

    Moderators, could you please move this to the off topic forum. Thanks.

  7. Sannihakeem – are you from Nigeria? Just read your article and was just wondering.

  8. @ the sacred path,i really appreciate ur efforts n time in putting me through this,would follow all ur advices.10ks,am so grateful
    @happypoppeye,yh i am a Nigerian.

  9. u need to look around before spamming. cuz u look fucking demented when u do that.



Now that you mention it, I DO have an opinion:

Deleted some of my blogs but no confirmation mail

  1. Deleted some of my blogs but no confirmation mail

    I’m deeply dissatisfied about one of my main blogs being suspended for more than 12 hours without any reply from WordPress staff. Just now that this blog is getting successful I’m not able to update this blog because of some ‘concern’ WordPress seem to have with ‘some of the content’ on this blog, and I’m still in the dark about what the problem might be and how to resolve it.

    It takes WordPress only seconds to suspend a blog/ user, just because they seem to mis the huge difference between advertisements and publicity … but many more hours to respond to my emails…

    So I’m seriously considering taking my blogs to a different host. And I’m getting more serious as the hours tick by. So I decided to start cleaning up some old and/ or less successfull blogs first while I wait for my verdict by deleting a number of them hosted at WordPress.com.

    For some blogs I received a confirmation mail, but for some I didn’t receive this mail so they will not be deleted. The email address is right so that could not be the problem. So any advise on how to get these blogs deleted anyway?

  2. Posting here won’t help. None of the volunteers in the forum care where you decide to host, and none of us can do anything about your suspension.

    I CAN advise you about the email: check your spam folder, as WP.com emails often go there, both the automatically generated warnings AND the staff responses to suspension requests.

  3. Well, you might be right about Wordpres not caring for their customers…

    But that’s not the (main) question, is it… Its about not recieving a confirmation mail with a link to delete my blogs.

  4. BTW I checked al my email and (sub)folders. No mail yet… and it’s about 14 hours ago that I replied to their request.

  5. It’s not an unusual wait; there are several other people who got suspended within the last day who are waiting.

    I didn’t say WordPress staff didn’t care about their customers. I said the volunteers really don’t have a horse in this race.

  6. You said the volunteers (that are working for this multi-million dollar business) don’t care. And I really don’t care whether they volunteer or not. They are working for and theirby representing WordPress as far as I’m concerned. So you telling me they don’t care actually means WordPress doesn’t care.

  7. Okay, at this point I have indeed formed an opinion; I hope you go elsewhere, because you are extremely discourteous to people who are just attempting to assist you. I won’t do that again.

  1. But again… it’s not about the WordPress ‘Shoot First, Talk Later’ policy. That’s just a bloody shame and the reason I want to delete a number of my blogs and considering hosting elsewhere.

    It’s about receiving no confirmation mails…

  2. Assit me? By telling me WordPress volunteers don’t give a flying…! Its getting beter by the minute… And I don’t even dare to write a review about it on one of my blogs because WordPress might think I’m advertising…

  3. How is this working for you? Making progress?

  1. Yep… You almost convinced me WordPress doesn’t give a damn about their customers/ users. This inside information is not the progress I wanted… but it’s information non the less. It might help to make up my mind about hosting at a place where they DO care.

  2. Sweetie, I don’t work for WordPress. At this point, they’d definitely have to pay me to care about you.

  1. I love you to…

  2. Hi There!
    Please take this issue up with staff directly it sounds like a possible bug http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact

    I also recommend checking your spam folder within your email client if you haven’t already done so…

    Also guy’s please stop the arguing or there will be a forced option to close this thread

  3. Oh no! If you do that, what will I do for entertainment?

    There’s nothing like giving directions to a lost and confused tourist on the street, only to have that tourist turn on you and berate you for the fact the map wasn’t easy to understand, while confusing you for an employee of the map publisher. I just love that.

    Now I’m going off to count all my map-publishing revenue. I hope that the tourist is off to learn proper English.

  1. I just contacted a hostingcompany. Just because I don’t car about a company that doesn’t care about their customers. Bug or not… WordPress staff already needs more than 16 hours to reply a simple request made on behave of their request.

    Ciao WordPress… ‘what a advertisement’ this is. You should see te REVIEW as soon as I configured my blog at this company that does care!

  2. Will it provide a spell checker?

  1. Americans seem to think that the whole world speak their poor form of English. But their are about 6 billion people on this world that don’t have this yankee tong as native language. These people tend to make mistakes when they are forced to conform to their narrow minds and tong.

  2. Well… I can post again… But not a word from WordPress!

    To little to late WordPress…

  3. Good riddance don’t let the door hit you in the rear on your way off the site.

  4. I see the WordPress mentality suits some users just fine. and that’s not a compliment.

  5. Okay as I can see nobody wants to heed the warning so the thread is now closed

Topic Closed

Awww, I never got to inform the drama queen that I was born in France, my first language was Walloon, and I live in Canada and speak and write (quite obviously) British English.

I hate my baby as his father is a rapist

  1. I am Gladys an orphan with an 8 months old baby i am desperately giving him for adoption and this is a sad experience as i never thought it will ever come my way.I am of age 19 and i lost my both parents at the age of 11 and was taken into the house of my uncle where i was consoled just for a couple of months and later on i started feeling the pains of the world today.My uncle was put in charge of all my Dad’s property and i thought i had every right to be educated but instead i was turned into a Nani in my own Dad’s house since as my uncle moved in with his wife and my cousins his children.They all went to school while i stayed at home to cook and i was promised to i was going to do a trade so as to be able to manage my father’s businesses when i come of age,and as childish as i was,i thought it was the best for me and accepted but i was never even given the opportunity to learn the trade and my uncles wife pretended to like me but when my uncle was not around she will beat me up for not carrying out any chore she assigned me to do like wash clothes,take care of her baby,clean the house trim flowers,cook for the entire house and baby etc…

    I became use to all these before i was 16 years of age but could not bare it when i began to be mature and menstruate.When i told my uncle about this,he will want to see me bleed and innocently trying to show him,he will try to force himself on me to sleep with me and on different several occasions,he will do this to no avail and so i had to escape.I tried getting jobs at several places to make end meet but most owners of such places will only want me to sleep with them or the clients there so they could be payed and us me like a whore.I really miss my parents at this point in time which is the more reason i have come to seek for advice on the worst part of my life as i was raped in an uncompleted building where i will pass my nights due to hardship by 4 boys and they got me pregnant without my knowledge but i realized for some time i was unable to see my period and began frequent vomiting and fever,i consulted hiddenly without letting my boss know about it and i was given a positive pregnancy result.I became more confused and tried working with the pregnancy while i keep some money for an abortion but i was already 6 months pregnant and my boss discovered i was pregnant when she saw the results of the test i made in my uniform.This earned me a sack and i tried to plead and explain my life to her but she will not hear me out.I gave birth to a baby boy and the troma of how to look after him left me with no option but killing him as i tried running from the hospital as i had no money for bills but could not succeed.I was made to work at the hospital to cover up my bills and for 8 months now i have been leaving by the grace of God as i have no job and no money to look after this child and it forsakes me to think that he has no father.All i could think of right now is ending my life here if i do not have some advice for anyone reading my experiences or willing to help as i intend giving him out far away to a family who will be able to take care of him for adoption or i will either kill him of kill myself any time i feel like.Please if you could help me out with advice or if you are ready to adopt him,i will be happy to give him out to someone far away i could hardly think off.If his father stumbles on this,i wish to say may God reward you in your own coins.Please email me on gladysrunaway@yahoo.co.uk

  2. You did not specify a blog address or reason for posting when you created this topic.

    This support forum is for blogs hosted at WordPress.com. If your question is about a self-hosted WordPress blog then you’ll find help at the WordPress.org forums.

    If you don’t understand the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, you may find this information helpful.

    If you forgot to include a link to your blog, you can reply and include it below. It’ll help people to answer your question.

    This is an automated message.

  3. I’m afraid the unwed mother baby spam plugin is not supported at WordPress.com. You will need to be over at http://www.latfh.com/ for that.

cumbersomness in the extreme. bye bye RSS

  1. if I ask a question, for instance, “What is RSS?” I can expect a complicated answer hedging around and about the specific topic I am troubled with, avoiding the ‘meat’ of what I said. so i’ll repeat it. What is RSS? Personally, I don’t care anymore. I just want it OFF my site. It looks bad for me to have things on my site that don’t work, that I don’t understand and probably wouldn’t use anyway. SO, I just want to get rid of it. But your wordpress setup or site or page or whatever you call it, I don’t care anymore, is SO difficult to use (I’m offended) that I don’t want to use it anymore! Unfortunately, I’m stuck with it for a while longer. Therefore, I’ll look for a better group. However, I can see that it is going to be SO difficult to even erase my information that I may not be able to shut down this operation called robbrichard’s blogspot blog and you may be stuck with me forever! Now be nice to me and I’ll stay. There are things about your site that I like and there is something good about blogspot: I sense there are some pretty good people behind this EXTREMEMLY user UNfriendly operation. Tell me: is the language I’m using okay for you? I use HUMAN language, this particular HUMAN language that I use is English. What is it YOU people use??? Now be nice! kiss. kiss. and tell me how to get rid of this RSS function that I’ve made the mistake of trying to use and failed and . . . off, I just want it off. thanks.

    Robert Richard Houle
    Mechancial Engineering Technologist
    CGSB level II Radiographer
    CWB level I Weld Inspector
    (I just put these in so that if you even think about talking to me like I’m stupid I’ll be forced grind you and up and make a pie out of you. lol)

  2. 1. When you ask a question here, we need a link to the blog so we can see if and what is wrong.

    2. Ranting like that hardly fits your supposed credentials.

    3. Ranting like that is unjustified, since you haven’t asked about this (or any other matter) before in this forum.

    4. The RSS in your sidebar isn’t for you to use: it’s for others interested in what you post. Here the relevant support info page:


    (Looks like English to me.)

    5. If you don’t want to have the RSS in your sidebar, you can go to Appearance>Widgets and activate only whatever you’d like to have.

    6. If you wish to “shut down this operation called robbrichard’s blogspot blog”, we don’t care.

    (If you wish to shut down your wordpress blog, we don’t care either.)

  3. panaghiotisadam


  4. If the blog in question is robbrichards.wordpress.com, the reason why the RSS widget is not going away is that you have not added any widgets to that sidebar, but are still using the default widgets, which appear automatically unless the user selects some of his/her own. Simply add the desired widgets to “Sidebar 2” and everything will be fine.

  5. Hi Ron! (Robb’s post gotta be the gem of the day…)

  6. What is RSS?

    This works for the BBC which has a global audience

    Video. It works.

    And I’ll remind you that forums work just like real life – be polite or accept everything that comes your way.

  7. No, no, perish the thought! Us? Think you stupid?

just a suggestion. But there are people who won’t be upset that this thread exists, and there are some who WILL be, mostly those people who’ve exposed themselves as idiots or malevolent morons. I suggest you break the links to their blogs when you post their threads; That way this thread won’t show up in their Stats and they will never discover we’re laughing at them. Up to you, though. Passive-aggressive is the Canadian Way.

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